Welcome to Hub City Chiropractic!

New to Hub City Chiropractic?

Hub City Chiropractic is currently accepting new patients! Same day appointments are available as well as walk-in appointments.

Hub City Chiropractic is located next to SNAP Fitness at 1601 6th Ave SE, right across from the McDonald's drivethru.

What to Expect

Why Hub City Chiropractic?

Hub City Chiropractic specializes in an instrument adjusting technique known as the Activator Method® which allows for an effective and more specific adjustment. Due to the gentleness of this technique, Dr. Casey is able to more comfortably adjust those who "tense up" during traditional chiropractic adjustments as well as those in acute pain, the elderly, and children as young as a day old. Watch the video to see Dr. Casey give an adjustment using the Activator Method®!

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