New Patient Center

What to Expect

We are here to serve and help you get the care you need and deserve. We will request that you complete our new patient paperwork which can be done in office or completed before arrival by downloading and completing our online forms. These forms provide us with your personal and health information necessary for us to begin chiropractic care.


After completion of your paperwork, you will have a consultation with Dr. Casey to discuss your health problems and concerns as well as explore potential treatment options. This consultation gives the doctor a chance to learn more about you, your current health condition, and your expectations to determine how chiropractic care can meet your goals.


Next, you will be given a detailed chiropractic examination which will include careful inspection of your health condition as well as an overall examination of your nervous system's function. This exam will include testing your flexibility, reflexes, and response to certain stimuli. Other tests may include orthopedic, neurological, postural, and physical tests. However, none of these tests will be performed without your consent.

Review of Findings

Dr. Casey will thoroughly review the results from your consultation and examination to discuss the best treatment options for your condition or notify you if your condition will require care with another health care provider. A treatment plan will then be developed to best fit you, the patient, and your health concerns.

Wellness Program

Your path back to health begins but does not end at Hub City Chiropractic. Along with an in-office treatment plan, Dr. Casey will be sending you home with "homework" to do as well. Health requires constant change in our lives as there are no magic pills or treatments alone to make you healthy. For example, if you first come into the office with low back pain Dr. Casey may recommend you ice when you get home as well as provide you with specific stretches that work together with the in-office treatment to maximize your results and get you out of pain faster.

Online Forms

Click on the link below to download our online forms for new patients. You may also request these forms be emailed to you by contacting our office at If you have any questions feel free to call our staff at 605-725-2233 for assistance.

New Patient Intake Form